How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs And A Few Effective Treatment Options

If you are tired of hiding and are wearing special clothes to hide that you have man boobs, then you should stop now and read on about how to get rid of this embarrassing condition once and for all. But first of all, you must first learn how to get rid of man boobswhat really causes man boobs and how you can treat this condition effectively.

All about man boobs

Man boobs is something called in medical terms gynecomastia. It is usually caused by hormonal imbalances in the body. Women produce high levels of estrogen which are female hormones. These lead to many feminine characteristic changes such as breast development, the menstrual cycle, etc. In men, the predominant hormones are androgenic ones such as testosterone or its more potent derivative dihydro testosterone. These male hormones are responsible for characteristics such as increased muscle mass and strength, body hair growth and others specific to men. The problem with people who have gynecomastia is that a malfunction in the metabolism causes their bodies to secrete more estrogens than androgen, leading to men accumulating tissue which may be either muscle or fat in the breast area, leading to the appearance of female breasts.

Weight Training

There are cases when gynecomastia is a mix of hormonal imbalance as well as excess fat. So if you exercise with weights, you will burn that extra fat while also building your muscles. Working your back muscles or doing bench presses will ensure that the stored fat in the breast area will shrink while the muscles will develop and may the breasts look even smaller. It has also been shown in tests that exercising increase the basal metabolic rate, meaning you will burn even more fat while also developing your muscles faster.

Eating The Right Way

There’s no use exercising if you are taking in thousands of calories each day. If you eat an average chocolate bar, then you will need to run on a treadmill for half an hour to burn the equivalent calories. So you need to balance the food intake while maximizing the calorie burning mechanism. But be careful not to starve yourself, you just need to stay away from so-called empty foods that have many calories and are poor in nutrients and go for those that add vital nutrients that feed your body as well as help in regulating the hormonal secretion.

Fixing The Hormonal Imbalance

If no matter what you do, you still can’t lose the man boobs, then you need to go right to the source and fix your hormonal imbalance. You can do this by going to a doctor and running some tests to see what exactly is wrong and what caused all these disturbances. There are also some quite effective treatments on the market. One such treatment is called Gynexin, and it contains a mix of potent substances that can help re-balance the hormonal system.

So how to get rid of man boobs and return to a normal and happy life as soon as possible by following above tips.